Looking for a video of how to shoot the Milky Way? or How to edit Milky Way shots? here is the place.

The following videos are aimed to beginners.

Here is a short video that will give you the principles. Please ignore the Rule of 500 as it is more complicated than that, so it is not a reliable rule.  

Check the following videos

Editing the Milky Way in Adobe Ligthroom

Michael Shainblum explains in this short video how to edit a shot of the Milky Way only in Lightroom. Learn with the best.

Editing the Milky Way with Adobe Photoshop

This is an old video produced by Kenneth Brandon but still relevant today, it gives the principles of editing in Photoshop, separating foreground and sky.

Stacking Images

Stacking is a technique used in night photography for noise reduction. There are two main software options: Sequator (for PC and is free) and Starry Landscape Stacker (for Mac). Both work under same principles, here is a demonstration by Lonely Speck (great site for night photography!) using Starry Landscape Stacker.

Software and Apps

Check these apps if you wish to learn more about the night sky


This is a free planetarium available for PC ,Mac and Linux. It is a fantastic tool for the learning of the night sky. Click on the image to go to the website. It has a free and paid mobile versions.

Sky Safari

My favourite phone app for the skies. Available for IOS and Android.

Tuition will provide you the tools for more advanced techniques.