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From the screen to the paper


Signature Range: 

Baryta and Cotton

Platinum Baryta 300

I would say that one of the most exciting parts of the photography process is the printing.  Here is my recent experience with Fotospeed.

I have produced already an unmeasurable amount of prints of my images. I have tested different papers, from Fuji, Epson, Canon and HP.  Each of them have their pros and cons. Recently, I had the opportunity to test Fotospeed papers. I print mostly in matte finish and avoid completely glossy or reflective surfaces.  Fotospeed recommended for my images Smooth Cotton 300 and the Platinum Baryta 300 Signature , a paper that offers an unglazed gloss surface.  Both papers are over 300 gsm.  The papers where received perfectly packaged and next day from the order.

Before doing the test, I investigated about the company producing the paper. To my surprise, and unlike the other brands, Fotospeed not only produces extremely high quality papers, the company is also truly passionate about their products, and it is reflected in the huge amount of options.

Fotospeed also offers  a free custom profile for each of their paper ranges. So if you have your own printer, follow the steps and they will send you a profile that works with your system-printer-paper combination. For the sake of speed, I used two different printers. A large format HP postscript with a built in colour calibration system, and a small Epson inkjet A4.  So this time no custom profile was used.

The Veredict

Let’s be clear. It is impossible to appreciate the real quality of the prints by just taking a photo. But I will try to describe the experience. 

Platinum Baryta 300 Signature

These papers can only be used on printers that accept over 300 gsm. The paper is super smooth and  the quality is such that I would trust it for frames with no glass or perspex in front of the print. The glaze is low, and this can be appreciated in the images where the shine is present. The colour is supreme, either from the print produced in the professional HP printer or the home based Epson. For both printers I set up the finish paper in gloss for the best result.

Fotospeed Platinum Baryta Signature300

Smooth Cotton 300

This paper is more flexible than the Baryta series despite having about the same thickness.  The paper has a warm white finish, very difficult to notice.  But the colours that this paper managed to render from both printers are the best ones that I have ever had from any other paper. Super rich and vibrant.  Every bit of colour from the faint pixels of the night images help. And this paper makes the difference.  

Fotospeed Cotton Signature 300

If you would like to learn more, please visit Fotospeed website

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Welcome to the new website!

bye old website, welcome to…

It has been a year since the launch of my first e-commerce website.  It was a first for me, I had lot to learn, and spent a huge amount of time building it. But the effort was worth.  Now I felt ready to move to something more like a proper website. So The Starry nights was born.  I will be adding hundreds of images again, this time few at the time as each of them goes through a process of curation in order to bring the best of my collection. I hope you like this new proposition.  

As always, thank you for your continued support.